WHEN A CAT GETS IN OUR CAT SHELTER (very long, but to read carefully)

Maybe not all know how adults and kittens are taken care of in our cat shelter.


Scrupulously follow the sanitary procedures is a mandatory rule in order to prevent any kind of contagion of transmittable diseases among cats. In a structure like ours, everything is operated to protect all cats' health.

After being checked by our veterinarian, the cat will be located in the isolation ward, where all medical treatments will be applied in case of need (if the cat has mycosis, conjunctivitis, rhinotracheitis, gastroenteritis, etc.)
Each cat has it's own personal box that prevents it from getting in contact with other cats in the isolation ward.
In case of mother cat with kittens, she will be located in an EXCLUSIVE ward in order to nurse peacefully.

We fill out a form for each cat to identify them, their health and the eventual therapies/surgeries it needs or has been under.

Traumatized cats (with fractures caused by car crashes, wounds, serious eye pathologies that need surgery, etc.) and cats who need spaying/neutering, they remain to our vet clinic. The cat will be transferred in our shelter in the isolation ward for its convalescence / rehabilitation after surgery.

When therapies/rehabilitation are completed, the cat will be reevaluated from our veterinarian, and if found healthy, will receive treatments for parasites and worms, vaccinations, tested for Fiv and Felv, and last but not least it will be microchipped.

ONLY AFTER ALL the previous steps are successfully completed the cat can exit the isolation ward and join the other cats in the main area, awaiting for its forever home.
There are also cats who need a different place.
For instance, if unfortunately they result Fiv or Felv positive they can't live with healthy cats, because they will infect them, so we created a "POSITIVE WARD", where they will be handled in compliance with hygiene regulations and they can live peacefully and with dignity.
Or again in case of "wild" cats we have an area where they will have time to settle in, after that, they will get the chance to enter the feline colony right outside our cat shelter, and they can live free in the park and get shelter in the little houses we built for them.

Public is not allowed in the insolation ward, it's only to volunteers, and they have to scrupulously follow the sanitary procedures to prevent spreading of eventual viral forms outside the ward.
Whenever a cat leaves the insolation ward (to move to the main area) the room will undergo sanitary emptiness before being used to host another cat.

The compliance of sanitary emptiness sometimes goes at the expense of possibility to meet all requests, because insolation ward can only host a limited number of cats.
If we wouldn't strictly follow this procedure we would risk spreading pathologies and it could compromise the life of all our cats. This would be unethical and it goes against all our principles, and that's why sometimes we ask people who calls us to wait, considering that admissions are scheduled in a waiting list.

In case of reports of cats found in serious conditions, based on available rooms, it will immediately rescued and hospitalized at our veterinarian clinic (at our expenses).

We are not a public structure, but a private one self financed and operated ONLY by volunteers.

We try to carry out our tasks in the best way possible, while respecting and protecting at the most our cats' health, despite the difficulty to raise enough money to survive, especially nowadays.
We can rely only on other animal lovers, that after seeing our work, help us with donations.