Food/supplies donations

At the underlying stores are located our containers for donations. When you are grocery shopping you can help our 4 legged hosts donating the following items:

- Food
    dry/wet food for adult cats and kittens
    dry/wet food for senior dogs
    powder milk
    cat and dog treats

- Cat toys

- Antiparasitics (Stronghold or Advocate)

- Wormers (ex.: Milbermax)

- Leniderm (Foam made from wheat germ to clean cat's hair)

- Boric water

- Eyes/Ears cleaning products

- Cat clumping litter

- Puppy pads

- Disinfectants cleaner (ex.: Lysoform)

- Soap dishes

- Disinfectant floor cleaner

- Disposable gloves

- Indoor and outdoor brooms

- Long handle dustpans

- Little broom and dustpans

- String mop heads

- Trash bags 70x100cm

- Used blankets, sheets or towels