Become a Volunteer


We always need new volunteers to add to our family.

Shifts are available everyday of the week.

For more informations about when you can volunteer and about the tasks we carry out daily you can contact us at

The tasks performed are various, but no special skills are required, only love for the animals and some initiative.

- Assistance in case of missing/found cats

- Assistance about stray cats (abandonment, animal abuse, problems with neighbors/condos etc.)

- To look after stray cats (with the help of our veterinarians, who have been collaborating with us for many years) hosting them in our cat shelter and promoting campaign to sensitize people and find their forever home, cleaning the rooms where they are hosted, etc.

- To promote the campaign "Helping the strays", that includes the "Cat Supportive Harvesting" of food, medicines, antiparassites, cat houses, blankets, etc. to support and take care of the cats hosted in our cat shelter, besides the ones in the colonies we operate, and our dogs.

- To prepare supportive foundraising and to organize events/parties/manifestations to raise money to care for our cats (food, vaccines, spay and neutering, antiparassite treatments, dewormers, Fiv/Felv tests, etc.).

- To sensitize citizens creating a culture of respect towards the animals and their rights.

To volunteer it's enough committing even only 2 hours a week, you can decide the shift/time based on your availability, and you can also volunteer once a week or once every couple of weeks, the only thing we ask is that you keep your commitment

And if you don't have the chance to come and volunteer be creative, you could also help us, for instance, creating gadgets to sell at the foundraising (bigiotteria, toys for cats, decoupage works, fabric items, etc.), or offering to nurse adult cats or kittens while we don't have enough room to host them, we will provide you with all they need (food, medicines, litter, etc.) and we will arrange for how long you will be doing it, so that we can make arrangements so that your commitment won't be too heavy.

For further informations, please contact us at, thank you!